Our Mission

The evangelization of the family, culture and youth.




Our Vision

Become a local reference for the integral formation of the person, the development and improvement of professional skills and the dissemination of culture.

Father Fosbery School

Among the main objectives of the foundation is education for the youth. This is a valuable contribution to achieve higher levels of social welfare.


  1. The protection of the dignity of the human person in all its dimensions.

  2. Respect and defense of autoctone culture.

  3. The self-sustainability of our projects through the training of local human resources.

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About Us

Fasta Kinshasa its a mission of the Fraternity of Groups St Thomas Aquinas "FASTA" whose mission is the social, cultural and spiritual promotion of its members through a correct formation, based on ethical and moral principles in pursuit of local development.

What is FASTA?

Fasta its a humanitarian organization, whose objective is the social promotion of the person at all stages of his life, through programs of integral formation, community participation and social insertion. Since its foundation in 1962, it has directed its efforts in strengthening through culture the bonds that unite each country with its historical heritage for the construction of a present of peace and well-being.

Today it has a network of training centers that are deployed on three continents. In the field of formal education in the Republic of Argentina, it has 23 schools, 2 special education colleges, 4 higher education institutes and a university with associated centers in numerous cities, which with more than 30 careers and postgraduate courses reaches all corners of the world through its distance education proposal.

It is currently present in Argentina, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Spain, Peru and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.as

FASTA in Africa

The Fraternity of groups Saint Thomas Aquina's mission in Africa is the social, cultural and spiritual promotion of its members through a right education, based on ethical and moral principles in pursuit of local development.


A little of our work.


Your generous contribution will be used to support the educational center for children and to our education and training programs for young people in the city of Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

27% Sponsors
31% Own Resources
42% Received Donations

Our Great Team

Fasta Kinshasa has a professional and committed team that wants to make this world a better world.

Fray Aníbal Fosbery

Founder of Fasta.

Pbro. César Garcés

President of Fasta

Father Eduardo Lloveras

Chaplain of Fasta Kinshasa

Daniel Enrique Medina

Promoter and administrator of Fasta Kinshasa

Father Maurice Matata

Chaplain of Fasta Kinshasa

Ezequiel Sánchez

Fasta Kinshasa Family Advisor

Cecilia Noriega

Chief of Education

Ben Michel Mbumba

Chief in Saint Thomas Ruca

José Jaramillo

Fasta Kinshasa Youth Advisor

We want and motivate more people to join our team.

Our Contributors:

Fundación Francisco Javier Carbone Montes

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Our history and its beginnings.

  • 2006

    An unexpected start

    On June 12, 2006, the current Father Merleau Nsimba Ngoma sent an email to Fasta requesting his incorporation to our institution. After almost four years of fluid communications, in May 2010, Merleau made his first trip to Argentina to see the work. What most caught his attention was the work "of humanization and Christianization with young people" and "the way in which Fasta knows how to link culture with the message of Christ and elevate man in culture and faith."On his return to Africa, he was entrusted with the foundation of a youth center in Kinshasa.

  • 2010

    The adventure begins

    In September 2010 it founded the Bakanja youth center, in honor to Isidoro Bakanja, beatified by Pope St. John Paul II, who is in the Church of Congo patron of the Young Catholics. With the youth center the presence began of Fasta in Africa.

  • 2011

    Foundational beginnings

    In the parish San Antonio de Padua de Kinshasa, about 120 men and women gathered to hopefully build a Christian community that, from the charism of Fasta, be a contribution to the training of young people in your country. In May they made the first march under the name "St Thomas Aquinas", and ascended Mount Mangengenge.

  • 2012

    A new seminarian

    In November 2012 and on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Fasta, Merleau traveled again to Argentina to participate in the central celebrations and at the same time incorporated as a seminarian of St Thomas Aquinas Apostolic Fraternity.

  • 2014

    New seeds

    In January 2014, seminarian Merleau Nsimba Ngoma, returned to his country to visit the communities of Fasta in Africa. In his return, he enunciated what it was what they needed, both physical as spiritually said communities Especially he referred to the need for that Congolese fasteans will visit Argentina in order to know and live the style of Fasta and communicate it faithfully in your country; get a stable place for the youth center and sustain some activities of young people who have difficulties for the socio-economic situation.

  • 2015

    Help starts

    In 2015, fasteans from around the world joined the solidarity campaign, through the apostolic community Pope Francis, to promote and sustain the work in that continent. "Minzoto", which in the African language can be translated as "the dreams of Africa", is the name they chose to explain their desires to have your own space. "There's a lot material and economic needs in the mission of the movement. You have to establish structures minimums, such as a chapel, education of catechists, residence for the priests of the work, but also to sustain the charities, of education and human development, ”said seminarian Merleau Nsimba Ngoma in a report presented at the beginning of that year at the meeting Annual priests.

  • 2015

    A little more help

    In November, Mag. Dan Olofsson and his wife, Christine Benedikta de Olofsson, recognized for his outstanding humanitarian action in various places in Africa were invited by the authorities of Fasta and traveled to Argentina. That visit had as an objective that marriage get to know the Movement and also present the apostolic action plan of our institution in Kinshasa (Minzoto Project).

  • 2016


    In February 2016, the fasteans joined the Seminary of the Priestly Fraternity Congolese Dieumerci Matondo Ngoma and Reneidi Kayembe Kayemba. In March, the Father Eduardo Lloveras a new visit to the city of Kinshasa in order to continue with the contact and institutional accompaniment with the fasteans of the place.

  • 2017

    The work continues

    In January 2017, Daniel Medina Basla was appointed as Promoter for the Fasta Kinshasa Foundation, with the main mission of promoting, from its condition of the layman of the work, that in that foundational community the message of Christ, the Catholic faith is lived and the foundation of the movement and the realization of its works, working in coordination with the Promotion Department Apostolic and with the Head of the Fasta Kinshasa Foundation. Will also be the person in charge of advising and accompanying the successive stages of construction of the project and remodeling to be carried out in the building of the institutional headquarters, in order that it is adapted to the purposes, guidelines and criteria established in due course by the Fasta Presidency.

  • 2018

    The next step, own infrastructure

    During the year 2018 with a great effort by the community of Fasta the works began of adaptation and restoration of the chapel "St Thomas Aquinas" and of the necessary spaces for the functioning of community activities.

  • 2019

    The founder's blessing

    In March 2019, the Fasta Kinshasa community was confirmed in its charism with the visit of the father Founder Fr. Dr. Aníbal Fosbery. With this visit the foundational stage concludes and the new challenges for community development in order to charism in the evangelization of the family, culture and youth. Educational, cultural and architectural projects are developed to that end.

  • 2020

    The mission strengthens

    With the incorporation of two young missionaries, Ezequiel Sánchez and José Jaramillo from Argentina and Ecuador. Fasta reaffirms its willingness to strengthen and maintain projects in Africa, starting from the community of Fasta Kinshasa.

  • 2021

    The Pope blessed Fasta in Kinshasa

    Pope Francis, blesses our mission and invites us to continue in same path, specially with the opening of the school.

  • 2022

    A dream came true

    The dream of a school in Kinshasa came reallity with the name of our founder, belonging to our school network, that seeks to integrate families to an integral project.

  • 2023

    We meet with the Pope

    on February first the Pope welcomes us in a hearing on his activities in the visit of the Pope to the Democratic Republic of Congo.